Welcome to TXTface

This is a startup project; a proof of concept, and a call for collaborators/investors.

TXTface (a working title) would essentially be a purly text-based faux-social bookmarking tool, based on the internet. Drawing inspiration from great sites like FFFFound.com by Yugo Nakamura and with the obvious tip of the hat to Facebook.com by Mark Zuckerberg, but with the focus being given to purly literary examples. As a project, I'd like to find a Developer to collaborate with, but hey I could just do it myself.

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"At first brush, SAID SITE's paradigm looks to be based on your typical "Web 2.0" socially-networked navelgazery, because SAID SITE's users have "favorite users" and "followers". There are a lot of key differences however... You can't tag anything, you can't comment on anything, or write testimonials about people. You don't even control the social network; you gather "fans", or become one yourself, based on who bookmarks TEXT that someone else bookmarked before you....

... SAID SITE, on the other hand, is implicitly Someone Else's Shit, which is a very sensitive issue, even with all the happy-go-lucky "sharing" rhetoric that characterizes "Web 2.0" discussions. SAID SITE goes out of its way to remind you of this: All Posts are headlined with the title of the page from which they are "quoted" (as SAID SITE has it), with links back to their sources. SAID SITE's lack of other typical user controls allows it to maintain that crucial distinction: By removing your voice, SAID SITE does exactly what it claims to do, which is grant you the capacity to bookmark TEXT. "
quoted and then missapropriated/edited from Under Consideration/Speakup
Copyright 2009 Christopher de Beer

Facebook Preview + FFFFound Preview + Just TEXT = TXTface

A project by The Empire Collective